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A home from home setting full of love, fun and fantastic opportunities...

“My 4 year old child attends Broomhill Nursery three days a week. He and I are both extremely happy with our choice of nursery. In terms of the staff there is a fantastic mix of ages and gender and although the team hasn’t really changed in a year when somebody new joins the team they introduce themselves through the Famly app.

It’s evident that the staff are really committed to providing a safe, fun, and loving environment for the children in their care to thrive in. You can see for instance that they take great pride in the environment, especially setting up exciting activities and opportunities for the children to access independently. The children’s wellbeing and happiness is at the centre of everything the staff do.

My son’s key person is so gentle, kind and caring. She has been especially attentive to my son’s emotional needs. I have found her to be extremely professional yet sympathetic when feeding back to me about matters that could be quite sensitive.  Communication is fantastic whether that’s in person or via the Famly app from what he’s eaten, to what kind of activities he’s got up to; to things he may have said or done. It is apparent that all parents and carers alike are provided with detailed feedback about how their child’s day has been.

The facility is well thought through, rooms separated to keep the ages apart, but structured so that the practitioners are able to help each other out.

The children are provided with healthy, balanced meals and snacks.  Everything is cooked from fresh on site by a chef and the attention to detail and creativity is second to none. They have always gone above and beyond to cater for my son’s complex dietary needs despite the fact they regularly change due to the various elimination diets we’ve been advised to try. Nothing every seems too much to ask.

I would highly recommend this nursery and often do to any parent/carer out there looking for a home from home setting full of love, fun and fantastic opportunities. It is very comforting to know that he is in a caring environment while he isn’t at home and as a parent that’s all I can ask for.”

Alicia, Broomhill Nursery, 2023

The staff at Ecclesfield Nursery are always really friendly and helpful...

“Our little girl has been attending this Ecclesfield Nursery for over a year now and she absolutely loves it, she seems to be always smiling and happy in the photos that are taken daily, she always leaves the nursery at the end of her sessions looking like she has had lots of fun and she always looks well cared for which we really appreciate.

We have noticed that our little girl has developed so much whilst being at the nursery and she continues to develop each day, and this is due to the support she receives from staff at the nursery. We also receive regular progress reports and comments from nursery with new skills and knowledge our little girl has developed as well as comments with how to aid her development further.

The staff at Ecclesfield Nursery are always really friendly and helpful and make an effort to go get to know each child and family really well which we have found really helpful and has relieved some anxiety.

Meals that are provided from the kitchen are very good – we feel that she eats better than us most days due to the large variety of meals provided! The nursery is very accommodating with us and this is very helpful for us as a family being on a flexi contract due to shift work, and the Famly app is very useful for receiving updates regarding our little girls day or for even contacting members of the team.

Overall, we are very pleased with the nursery and would recommend to friends and family and we can’t thank the staff enough as we know they all work very hard, and it is very much appreciated. Many thanks once again.”

Adele & Gavin, Ecclesfield Nursery, 2023

We can’t recommend Elmore Kindergarten highly enough....

“The staff at Broomhill Nursery are absolutely fantastic. Our children have grown really strong bonds with them even though they only attend 2 days a week. We feel like each member knows every little quirk and characteristic that makes our children ‘them’, and that feels really reassuring. You want your children to feel safe, secure, and happy in a nursery environment. That is exactly what ours show us they feel with their eagerness to get through the doors in the morning, and the happy, smiling, grubby faces at the end of the day! Just a special mention also for the nutritious and delicious assortment of food on offer at Elmore. We can’t recommend Elmore Kindergarten highly enough.”

Francesca, Broomhill Nursery, 2023

I am thankful for the staff at Ecclesfield...

“My son started when he was just 5 months old and it was the best decision I ever made. The staff are fantastic and have helped my son learn new things and make new friends. The kitchen staff also do a great job cooking fresh meals – I’m told on every hand over he has enjoyed every meal and having seconds! He is learning new skills everyday, and I am very thankful for the staff at Ecclesfield.”

Shannon, Ecclesfield Nursery, 2023

We absolutely love Elmore...

“Our two children currently attend Broomhill Nursery, and they love it. The staff are so kind and attentive, getting to know both of them so well and it has been lovely to watch our children building such strong bonds with both other children and staff over their time at the nursery. We are confident that they are encouraging our children to play and progress in their milestones and also provide comfort and cuddles when they need it.

Both children love the outside space that has been recently renovated and often tell us of all the fun they have had playing with their friends outside. The staff always seem to have some activity happening, our eldest loves the singing and stories and our youngest loves all the opportunities for tactile and messy play.

We also love that all the food is so thoughtfully and creatively prepared and love knowing that our kids are encouraged to eat well while they’re there. When each of them started, we were given settling in sessions and were sent updates and pictures through the Famly app which provided so much reassurance. The app is a great resource that has helped us as parents to know how they are getting on during the day and to see photos of all they have been up to at the end of the day is wonderful. They have been so accommodating when our children have had medical and dietary requirements and have managed this with no problem. They have been flexible and sensitive to our children’s needs which has been so helpful.

We are so grateful for the care all the wonderful staff give to our kids. We absolutely love Elmore, and we couldn’t think of a better place to be their home away from home.”

Alice, Broomhill Nursery, 2023

Ecclesfield Nursery is fantastic...

“Ecclesfield Nursery is a fantastic, and one which I have used for over three years now with my children starting in the baby room and progressing through the older rooms. The flexibility that the nursery offers for attendance is brilliant and I’ve never had a day that they have not been able to accommodate, due to this, the early start hours and only closing bank holidays and over Christmas it has meant that I have been able to sort childcare around my work shifts and as a full time working mum this really helps.

The meals are provided for the children which is great as they have a good variety of food and finding meals to send each day like other nurseries do can be hard.

My children love to be outdoors and active so really enjoy the freedom to run, play and climb outside and explore water and sand. The reviews and observations written on the Famly app about my children really helps to let me know how they are getting along and I’m really happy with all the progress they make.

I can’t thank all the staff enough for the love and care they show my children.”

Chelsea, Ecclesfield Nursery, 2023

The staff really are incredible...

“We cannot recommend Broomhill Nursery highly enough! It is hard to describe without sounding like we are exaggerating, but it is truly a wonderful place. Our son has attended since he was 10 months old and will continue until he is at school. We are so thrilled that we decided to send him to Elmore for his early years. The staff really are incredible. You can tell they are knowledgeable and experienced, but they also really care about and take the time to truly know him as an individual. We trust them completely with his care and wellbeing. If we as parents need anything, or have questions the staff are responsive, flexible, and helpful. The Famly app is excellent and keeps us informed on his nursery days, as well as keeping us connected to the wider nursery community. The food is excellent (we wish we got those lunches!). We also love the focus on outdoor time, music, creativity, crafts, movement, reading and different types of sensory play. Artie is thriving and we honestly feel lucky to have found a place where we know when we can’t be with him, he is having a such a blast and spending time in a fantastic, fun, and nurturing environment!”

Katie, Broomhill Nursery, 2023

Really impressed with the nursery’s communication...

“Elmore Kindergarten was highly recommended to me by two friends and I decided to place my youngest at Middlewood Nursery. I’m really glad I chose Elmore as my daughter has thrived in the caring and nurturing environment that they provide. I have been really impressed with the nursery’s communication and really appreciate the Famly app that they use to keep parents updated with how their child is doing throughout the day. I think Elmore goes beyond expectations in the variety of activities that they arrange for the children such as theatre trips, open days, seaside adventures and book awards, as well as organising professionals to come in and discuss their job role. These activities make learning fun for the children and give them culturally rich experiences outside the nursery as well as within it. I’m really confident in choosing Elmore and I would not hesitate in recommending the nursery.”

Katie, Middlewood Nursery, 2023

Our daughter has been so happy...

“Since joining Middlewood Nursery our daughter has been so happy. It’s like a home from home for her and all of the staff know her personality so well. It has never felt to us that she is just one of a number of children. The communication has always been fantastic and Joey, the Nursery Cook, caters for her special dietary needs wonderfully! Working on a frontline role is always difficult in terms of childcare, but Middlewood have provided as much flexibility as possible to help with this. If we could give 6 ⭐️ out of 5 we would!”

Jenna, Middlewood Nursery, 2023

He has made some brilliant relationships...

“Our little boy attends Ecclesfield Nursery and has thrived since starting earlier this year. He has made some brilliant relationships along the way, with staff and children alike. He absolutely loves attending, and telling us all about his day and the yummy food he eats. The nursery is well equipped with various areas for learning and development. His personal favourites are the home corner, carpet area and outside area. As NHS workers we are very grateful not only for the 5% discount but also for being able to attend on flexible days to accommodate our shift patterns too!”

Briony, Ecclesfield Nursery, 2023

Happy and settled...

“We cannot recommend Broomhill Nursery enough. I originally contacted Elmore Kindergarten after three unsuccessful nursery placements to ask if they could help, from the very start Elmore accommodated my daughters additional needs in every way possible as she needed a slower and more intense settling in period. She was happy and settled at Elmore within a few weeks and I honestly never ever thought we would be able to achieve that.”

Leah, Broomhill Nursery, 2023

The nursery as a whole is fantastic...

“Middlewood Nursery as a whole is fantastic, the staff are very helpful and always greet the children with a big smile. My son always looks forward to attending nursery. I definitely recommend this lovely little nursery.”

Ellie, Middlewood Nursery, 2023

I would (and have) 100% recommend Elmore to any parents...

“My son was initially going to go to a different nursery, however his place fell through and we placed him at Middlewood Nursery instead. I can now hand on heart say it’s the best thing that could have happened for him!

He’s now in his second (and last) year at Middlewood, and he has thrived during his time there. Like lots of children he was initially upset at being left at nursery, but the staff who dealt with him were patient and brilliant with him. He loves nursery and goes in each day with a big smile. His confidence, independence and belief in himself has improved no end since he’s been there.

The staff are lovely, approachable and very down to earth. I would (and have) 100% recommend Elmore to any parents.”

Jennifer, Middlewood Nursery, 2023

Elmore has a real heart and soul to it...

“The staff at Ecclesfield Nursery are fantastic! They go above and beyond to ensure our daughter is being nurtured, allowing her to develop new skills and reach her milestones. Staff evidently care about creating engaging and purposeful activities for the children, and use a variety of fun educational resources.

The consistency with communication about our daughter’s time at the nursery via the Famly app is excellent. The updates and photos have given me piece of mind which has allowed me to return to work without worrying about leaving my daughter. We feel reassured by Elmore’s safeguarding procedures, and by the care taken to make the site clean and safe.

Elmore has a real heart and soul to it, and our daughter’s face lights up when we arrive each session. We hope that she will be able to stay at Ecclesfield Nursery until she goes to primary school, and feel really lucky that she was able to secure a place here.”

Gemma & Luke, Ecclesfield Nursery, 2023

She loves nursery, she’s always excited to go...

“My little girl started Ecclesfield Nursery when she was two, and she is now four. I have nothing but praise for the nursery, they are very good at communicating and always available if I need to ask any questions or need any support. My little girl was always quiet at nursery, but she has grown in confidence and been well nurtured in each room she has been in. She is no longer the quiet one, which is great to see.

She loves nursery, she’s always excited to go. Does lots of fun activities and learning through play. She loves being outside and this is encouraged. She’s learning to write her name, making friends, and engaging in role play…all of which she shows us at home.

I would highly recommend Ecclesfield Nursery to anyone. We will miss the nursery when she goes to school.”

Rebecca, Ecclesfield Nursery, 2023

We are always met with a smile and warmth by staff...

“Our little boy has been with Middlewood Nursery since he was 9 months old, and it has been a wonderful time so far. We are always met with a smile and warmth by staff who genuinely care for the little ones they look after. Our little boy is so happy and excited to go to nursery and we always have a lovely chat with him about what he has done that day as well as fab handovers from the staff. We specifically enjoy reading the regular updates and WOW Moments we get either on his record or on handover about his learning and activities. We would highly recommend Elmore Middlewood as a nursery, very welcoming and a fantastic environment.”

Leanne, Middlewood Nursery, 2023

The nursery is a safe, fun and caring environment...

“Ecclesfield Nursery has truly supported and enhanced my daughter’s development. As a parent I feel that the nursery is a safe, fun and caring environment. I am incredibly greatful for the strong communication that the nursery provides through the Famly app, phone calls and warm greetings. I have been kept up to date with my daughter’s educational, social and emotional achievements that is recorded as wow moments. The nursery has shared next steps and worked alongside myself in supporting my child’s developments. The meals on offer at the nursery are incredible and allowed my daughter to enjoy a range of healthy options, this has helped myself as a parent to vary the diet that I provide at home. My daughter loves attending the nursery and is always excited to see what the next day will bring.”

Jamie, Ecclesfield Nursery, 2023