Central Team

Richard Marshall


Richard established a small creche at the original Elmore Road location in 1991 and over the past three decades, he has successfully grown the business to the four sites we have today. A Sheffield lad with a background in engineering, a dry sense of humour and a ready smile, he takes a very hands on approach to the management of the nurseries, even getting involved in storytelling with the children, an activity that we have decided to name, ‘Reading with Richard.’

But his fun side doesn’t end there! When he’s not listening to Diana Ross and the Supremes, the first record he ever bought, he’s snowboarding down a mountain side with his children and although he admires anyone who can do ‘dry january,’ we suspect he would definitely rather be on the piste.

One of lifes movers and shakers, if he could be any animal it would be the meerkat, as they are the fixer uppers of the animal world. They move in, renovate and make it their home, perhaps this is what has inspired Richard to continue with the development of the nurseries. The recent revamps of our Middlewood and Frecheville sites, and upcoming revamp at our Broomhill site are a testament to this.

Nazli Hussain

Nazli Hussein

Business Manager

Nazli is the friendly face of our business and she works tirelessly to help all four nurseries attain the highest standards by liaising with them daily and improving working practices. With over 13 years of experience in school and project management she may sound like the serious type, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Originally growing up in the Congo, Nazli has travelled the world, including a 1000-mile trip from Mumbai to Cochin in a tuk tuk, to raise money for charity, along with 64 other teams. The treacherous roads and near the knuckle passes, both in daylight and darkness, may explain the team name, ‘Instant Korma!’ We’ll let you draw your own conclusions!

This love of travel is clearly an inherited trait from the person she admires most in the world, her Mum. Her Mum bravely travelled by boat from Portsmouth to Africa at the age of 22, later joined the Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) and even backpacked across 3 continents at the age of 50, all alone! Now that’s what we call an independent woman, a quality that Nazli aims to emulate daily.

Lana Pemberton

Business Management Support

Introducing Lana, she is AAT Level 2 qualified and working towards her degree with the Open University, so definitely the Brainiac of the bunch and will be making sure our books are all in order.

She willingly admits that the first album she ever bought was ‘AKA’ by PJ and Duncan. Your secret is safe with us Lana. Her best qualities are her sense of humour and her patience and being a working Mum, with two little boys to keep entertained, that’s probably a good thing.

Her favourite place to visit is Bournemouth, where she spent many happy seaside holidays with her grandparents and loved playing in the sea and being buried up to her neck in the sand. We’ll remember that Lana if your sums don’t add up!! If she could be any Disney Character for the day it would be the Genie from Aladdin, one of her favourite films plus she’d have the added bonus of being able to magic all of that pesky paperwork away!