eager beavers

Eager Beavers

1-2 years

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) sets out learning and development stages for children as they grow from birth to five years.  In our Eager Beavers room, our staff focus on delivering learning provision across 7 areas of learning and development that meets the needs of your child, which can include some of these activities:

  • Learning Area 1: Physical Development

    • Give me a little bag to carry something in when we go shopping.
    • Give me a bucket to put interesting things in when I’m digging in the mud.
    • Give me rolling pins and cutters to see what I can do with them when I’m playing with the dough.
    • Let me wash my hands and face by myself.
    • Let me try to put my boots on by myself.
  • Learning Area 2: Personal, Social & Emotional Development

    • Play copying games with me, like using the same metal spoon as I’ve got to make the same noise that I’m making on the fence.
    • Share photos or videos of me doing things and talk with me about what I’m doing.
    • Use my dolls or teddies to show me how to pretend to look after a baby or use my cars to show me how to pretend to go on a journey. Talk to me about the things you are using and what you are doing with them.
    • Let me help you to share out the sandwiches and fruit onto plates, so that everyone has something to eat.
  • Learning Area 3: Communication & Language

    • Talk to me about the sounds we can hear when we go to the shops or the park.
    • Make the sounds of animals and things when you’re sharing a book with me.
    • Play games with me where I have to follow instructions like “roll the ball” or “throw the ball”.
    • Let me help you with unpacking the shopping by telling me to find different things like “ find the apples” or “ find the crackers”.
    • Show me and give me choices about what I can have to eat, like “yoghurt or banana”.
  • Learning Area 4: Literacy

    • Let me point to things or tell you things as you share my favourite stories with me.
    • Let me make lots of marks using chunky pencils / crayons / chalks.
  • Learning Area 5: Mathematics

    • Count with me as you put my clothes on, like “one sock, two socks” or “one button, two buttons, three buttons, four buttons”.
    • Let me explore what “full” and “empty” looks like when I’m playing in the bath with plastic bottles.
    • Let me play with puzzles that I have to try and put the piece into the matching space.
  • Learning Area 6: Expressive Arts & Design

    • Give me a big piece of paper or shower curtain on the floor to see what marks I can make with a paint brush, my hands or my feet.
    • Give me ribbons or scarves to hold as I dance to music.
    • Give me an old telephone so that I can pretend to phone you.
    • Give me a bowl of soapy water so that I can wash my baby doll.
  • Learning Area 7: Understanding The World

    • Share stories with me that are about children and families.
    • Let me tell you about photos about grown ups who are special to me, my brothers and sisters, my friends and my pets.
    • Let me splash in puddles when I’m wearing my boots.
    • Let me climb up a little hill and run down it.
    • Let me mix water and mud together to make “mud pies”.
    • Let me use the camera to take pictures of things.