Broomhill Nursery


Eve Nowlan

Early Years Manager

Meet Skittles, otherwise known as Eve Nowlan, our Early Years Manager at our Broomhill Nursery. Like Skittles, she may seem hard on the outside, but she’s soft on the inside! During her time at Broomhill she has worked hard to achieve her Foundation Degree in Early Years and to promote values like positivity, confidence and independence to the children, whilst also maintaining strong communication between staff and Parents/Carers.

Clearly a bit of a party animal on the side, she loves the buzz and excitement of New York, even getting engaged out there and the colourful culture of the Caribbean. She’s also been known to go nightclubbing and stay out till 4 a.m.! Eve enjoys a bit of retail therapy in her spare time, visiting new places and experiencing new things.

She loves getting creative with the children, encouraging them to represent the world around them from their own perspective, through drawing, sticking and painting. This is part of the reason why she finds her work very motivating, as there’s never a dull moment! If she could be any animal it would be a tortoise, known for their longevity, they’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt and the same is true of Eve, what she doesn’t known about childcare, isn’t worth knowing about! Although, if you’re planning on living to a ripe old age Eve, you might want to knock the night clubbing on the head!


Megan Locking

Deputy Early Years Manager

Our child of nature, Megan, has been with Elmore for many years and has returned after a short break for maternity leave. With NVQ Level 2 & 3 under her belt and a wealth of childcare experience, she is our all-round problem solver and likes to give the children activities that get their little grey cells working. She loves steering them in the right direction and then seeing the wonder in their eyes when they find the solution for themselves.

Her best quality is her ability to listen and not judge and she loves spending quality time with her family. She sees herself as Ariel, the Little Mermaid, but she seems more like Moana to me, as she appears to be drawn to all things aquatic. She would love to live her second life as a majestic Whale, so that she could explore the underwater wonders of the oceans and she’s most inspired by that expert of land and sea, David Attenborough.

She has even been involved in a slightly embarrassing incident involving a jet ski and the need to be rescued. Out of respect for Megan, we cannot reveal the full details, but we’ll let your imaginations do the rest! If that’s not enough evidence of our resident water baby, then have a guess at what the first record she ever bought was called……. ‘Barbie Girl,’ by AQUA!!