Broomhill Nursery

Chloe Hewitt

Early Years Manager

Chloe is a Level 3 qualified practitioner who is always eager to learn and better herself and is working towards higher qualifications. She enjoys spending time with the children and helping them learn and grow.

She takes a very open-minded approach to life and Michelle Obama is the person who inspires her the most. Her favourite place in the world is home because she would never rather be anywhere else – apart from being at the nursery of course!

Chloe’s favourite activity with the children is anything messy as she thinks messy play is the best way for children to express themselves! It’s a good job that her best quality is patience – as lots of this is needed to tidy up all this mess! She loves seeing the children thrive through new experiences and helping them reach their full potential.

In her spare time she likes to spend quality time with her family and friends and eat her nans homemade cottage pie.

Nazia Rehman

Deputy Early Years Manager

Nazia achieved her NVQ Level 2 and 3 qualifications in childcare in 2019 and has worked with children for around 11 years. Her favourite part about her role is watching the children grow and develop, she says it’s lovely to see how far they have come.

In her spare time Nazia loves to spend time with her family and explore the great outdoors with her 2 children. Her superhero name would be Chor – god of housework – as it is never ending and all she seems to do.

Nazia’s favourite activity to do with the children is outdoor play, she loves to watch the children explore and hear their thoughts and ideas. She says her best qualities are being patient, she is a great team player and she is never afraid to get her hands dirty.

Dubai is Nazia’s favourite place in the world as it’s an amazing city to visit and there is so much to see. If she had the chance she would love to live there. The craziest thing Nazia has ever done is bungee jumping with her friends when she was younger.

Leah Abbott

Nursery Administrator

Leah has a passion for office work, she finds it rewarding to help people and she enjoys being the first point of call for staff and parents and to help them with their enquiries.

In her spare time Leah loves to craft, she has a never-ending stock of craft supplies and enjoys making gifts and cards. She also likes football and enjoys watching Sheffield Wednesday with her brother. At the weekends she enjoys going on walks and visiting the local parks with her family.

Leah says her best quality is her friendliness, she always tries her best to be positive and friendly.

Her favourite place in the world is Italy, she travelled around the Mediterranean on a cruise a few years ago and visited Rome, Pisa & Florence. She enjoyed the delicious food and drinks and found the locals are very friendly.

Becky Eyre

Lead Senior Early Years Practitioner

Becky has been working at Elmore for over 4 years and is Level 3 qualified. She says that the best part about her job is seeing the children grow as individuals and reach new milestones.

In her spare time she likes to go for walks in the Peak District. Her favourite place in the world is Disney World in Florida as this is the last holiday she went on with her nan.

Her favourite activity to do with the children is messy play, she loves to get involved and get messy with the children.

Becky says that her best quality is being positive and if she could be an animal she would be a sloth as they live a very calm and chilled life most of the time but can be fierce if necessary. She says the craziest thing she has ever done is jumped off a boat into the sea while being on holiday in Turkey, certainly something that takes a lot of courage!

Sanah Khan

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Sanah is Level 3 qualified in Early Years and says the best thing about her role is that there is never a dull moment and she is constantly laughing and smiling.

In her spare time Sanah likes to wind down and have cuddles with her cats they are so loving. Her superhero name would be Sleepy San because her other favourite thing to do when she gets home is nap, so she would be too busy sleeping to save the world! Her favourite place in the world is Malta as it is incredibly beautiful and she has lots of lovely memories from being there.

Sanah’s favourite activity to do with the children is anything outdoor related as the learning opportunities in nature are endless. She says her best quality is always being optimistic and positive.

The craziest thing Sanah has ever done is go jet skiing with her mum in Tenerife because she doesn’t actually like being in the water but still gave it a go. Very brave! Her mum is also the person who inspires her the most as she’s taught her from a young age that if you work hard anything is possible!

Emma Morgan

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Emma has a Batchelors Degree in Early Childhood Studies and has worked with children aged 1-5 in previous early year settings, gaining experience from each role. She says that her best quality is her calmness. When working with the youngest children at the nursery there can be different barriers to overcome, such as language and communication. Being calm ensures overcoming these barriers, allowing the room to run smoothly which helps to keep the children calm and happy.

The best meal Emma has ever had was when she visited Rome and had a massive Pizza outside the Pantheon. Her favourite place in the world is Filey beach as she spent a lot of her childhood there and has always enjoyed a nice walk on the beach. Her Mum is the person who inspires Emma the most because she is very hardworking, kind and caring. She is also an amazing listener and has a wealth of knowledge which she is always happy to pass on to Emma.

What Emma loves most about her job is how different each day is and that all the children have their own little personalities. She enjoys participating in different activities with the children and seeing how happy each activity makes them.

The craziest thing Emma has ever done is go on a Segway in the Lake District. Her segway often went off the trail as controlling it up the mountains was very difficult! If she could be an animal for a day Emma would love to be a dog because they can lounge around all day, receive lots of cuddles and have bundles of energy to burn off on walks. Emma is a massive Sheffield Wednesday fan so in her spare time she loves to support the team home and away. She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends and going for long walks in the countryside.