Ecclesfield Nursery

Hollie Snape

Early Years Manager

One of our newer members of our Elmore Kindergarten family, Hollie has been a great addition to the team. Not only does she have her Degree and hold Early Years Professional status, she also possesses a wealth of experience in safeguarding and recently became our Lead Safeguarding Co-ordinator working across all four nurseries. She has an organised, no-nonsense management style and brings great warmth and humour to her conversation, making her approachable and easy to chat to.

However, she may need that sense of humour, as she is also an avid supporter and season ticket holder of one of Sheffield’s well-known football teams. We’ll not tell you which one for fear of reprisals! When she’s not chanting on the terraces, she has been known to try her hand at a spot of netball and likes nothing better than a quick bop along to S Club 7, we won’t judge Hollie!

She enjoys holidaying in Mexico, making people happy and her Mum’s homemade shepherd’s pie. Apparently, her alter ego is Snape Dog?! Could this be DJ Snape Dog of You Tube fame? No, we have no idea either, why not ask her the next time you call into the nursery and then let us know too?! Come back S Club 7, all is forgiven!

Lauren Camm

Deputy Early Years Manager

Come and visit our Ecclesfield Nursery and you’re sure to see the beaming grin that emanates from our Lauren. Always ready with a warm drink and even warmer smile, Lauren makes you feel at home the minute you step through the door. With many years of practical childcare experience, she actually started life at Ecclesfield as a work experience student, but having enjoyed her time with us so much, then took the initiative and asked for a job!

Courage and determination are both great traits to demonstrate to the children and Lauren has them in spades. Working her way up to her Deputy Manager position and gaining more skills and qualifications as she’s gone along, she brings a great deal of positivity and progression to her team and loves watching the children flourish as they develop.

Lauren shares Hollie’s love of Mexico particularly the food and beautiful beaches and has even attempted a cliff dive whilst holidaying there. If she could be any animal, she would be a dolphin and has had the fantastic experience of swimming with them twice. The first record she ever bought was the Spice Girls, ‘Wannabe,’ so I’m guessing she’s a fan of ‘Girl Power’ too! So, what is next for Lauren, more qualifications, diving with sharks? Come on Lauren, “Tell us what you want, what you really, really want?!”

Chelsea Codd

Lead Senior Early Years Practitioner

Chelsea has a Level 3 Childcare qualification, gaining lots of experience along the way. She had an amazing experience visiting South Africa to work with a school to create a food source. This provided the children with school meals as their families could not afford to provide for them.

Chelsea has a keen interest in children’s development, gaining experience over the years working with children with additional needs. Her dream job and long-term goal would be to be a children’s psychologist.

Well seeing as her favourite band is S Club 7, she should Reach for the Stars!

Her love for baking inspires her to bake with the children in nursery as often as possible. She loves to see the joy on the children’s face when they have baking to take home.

She loves to see the children grow; it is so rewarding to see the children reach so many milestones whilst in our care.

Chelsea says that if she could be anything, she would be a seahorse, as the males do all the work….

On a weekend you will find Chelsea at home cooking up a traditional Sunday roast, her favourite meal. A well-earned treat as she practically lives at the gym!

Inspired by Mrs Hinch, Chelsea is a compulsive cleaner. Saying it is very satisfying and she gets a great sense of achievement from it. On top of this she also like to cook and bake new recipes…..phew!

After all the cleaning, cooking, and workouts Chelsea’s favourite place to go on holiday and rest is Venice, a very beautiful, peaceful city.

Danielle Stancill

Lead Senior Early Years Practitioner

Danielle started her career at Elmore Kindergarten, joining as an apprentice in 2012. She holds a level 3 Childcare qualification and has completed many more relevant courses over the years.

She is a creative member of staff, really getting involved in all messy and creative play with the children. Danielle loves working with children as no two days are the same and the bonds you create with children and their families are extremely rewarding.

If Danielle were an animal, she would want to be a Capybara, which is huge rodent a little like a guinea pig to look at. She says they are very funny looking, and she would love one as a pet.

She likes to enjoy her time off from work, especially going to other cities for food and drinks. Her favourite city being Liverpool where there is so much to do, although she is partial to visiting Nottingham and going to Kasper’s to eat.

Her first CD she bought was Robin S, Show Me Love……. which she says she will still get up and boogie to at any opportunity.

When she is not going from one city to another trying out their finest dining you will find her baking lots of chocolate goodies at home. Admitting they don’t always go to plan she still manages to cook up a treat…..sounds yummy!