Ecclesfield Nursery

Esther Welsh

Early Years Manager

Esther ran her own very busy childminding business for 12 years and has 3 children of her own. She is Level 3 qualified in childcare along with communication, language and SEN training. She loves reading about new approaches to childcare and past educational pioneers.

In her spare time she enjoys outdoor climbing, abseiling and long walks in the peaks with her children and their dog Ludo. She loves to be anywhere in nature, as it is just so beautiful and peaceful. However she doesn’t do boats as she gets very sea sick! Her favourite animals are highland cows but she is not quite sure if she would want to be one herself!

Esther’s favourite activity with the children is outdoor play. She loves watching the children grow in confidence as they join in with risky play. Her favourite thing about her role is watching the children grow and develop, and she says being part of that process is an amazing feeling.

Her favourite meal is steak and she always has it medium rare/rare as she thinks the fat is the best part – yum! The craziest thing she has ever done is abseiling off a bridge! That’s really impressive!

Chelsea Codd

Deputy Early Years Manager

Chelsea has a Level 3 Childcare qualification, gaining lots of experience along the way. She had an amazing experience visiting South Africa to work with a school to create a food source. This provided the children with school meals as their families could not afford to provide for them.

Chelsea has a keen interest in children’s development, gaining experience over the years working with children with additional needs. Her dream job and long-term goal would be to be a children’s psychologist.

Well seeing as her favourite band is S Club 7, she should Reach for the Stars!

Her love for baking inspires her to bake with the children in nursery as often as possible. She loves to see the joy on the children’s face when they have baking to take home.

She loves to see the children grow; it is so rewarding to see the children reach so many milestones whilst in our care.

Chelsea says that if she could be anything, she would be a seahorse, as the males do all the work….

On a weekend you will find Chelsea at home cooking up a traditional Sunday roast, her favourite meal. A well-earned treat as she practically lives at the gym!

Inspired by Mrs Hinch, Chelsea is a compulsive cleaner. Saying it is very satisfying and she gets a great sense of achievement from it. On top of this she also like to cook and bake new recipes…..phew!

After all the cleaning, cooking, and workouts Chelsea’s favourite place to go on holiday and rest is Venice, a very beautiful, peaceful city.

Laura Snape

Deputy Early Years Manager

Laura has a BA (Hons) in Primary Education and has been teaching Early Years for the past 15 years in schools in Derbyshire and Qatar. She also had the opportunity to develop Early Years provisions using the Reggio Emilio approach. Throughout her years of teaching, Laura has always used a child led learning approach utilising several different methods like ECAT (Every Child a Talker), Makaton routines and Talk for Writing.

In her spare time Laura likes to take her cockerpoo Rosie for walks and explore new places and see new sights with her on the weekends.  After living in Qatar for two years, she fell in love with the desert. She had the opportunity to camp there a few times and loved waking up to the most amazing sunsets.

Laura’s favourite activity to do with the children is play based learning through stories, using stories and language to explore and further the children’s imagination, express their ideas and develop their understanding of language. Having the opportunity to see children grow in confidence, being able to express themselves and just overall seeing them enjoy their learning through play brings her great joy. Language is her passion, she is always looking to learn new ideas and ways to support children to develop their skills and express themselves.

The craziest thing Laura has ever done is camping on the beach in Qatar on New Year’s Eve in the 30-degree heat, riding the jet ski, having a campfire and watching fireworks. She also went dune bashing once and went down a huge sand dune in a 4×4 backwards. That sounds like fun! However, having said that Laura’s favourite meal is a good old fashioned fish & chips at the seaside, she loves going to the coast for the day/weekend as it always tastes so much better there.

Aoife O’Regan

Lead Senior Early Years Practitioner

Aoife has a degree in Early Years Education & Care and over 10 years’ experience within the field. She loves being part of the children’s development and watch their personalities grow in front of her. Seeing the children hitting a milestone or achieving a certain skill they couldn’t seem to grasp brings her great joy. Aoife says her best quality is her positivity. She will always remain positive and has a strong can-do attitude.

In her spare time Aoife enjoys going on long walks and reading books. She especially enjoys books by Cathy Glass as she writes about children in care which combines her understanding of children with her enjoyment of reading. Aoife likes to challenge herself with the different scenarios in the stories and question what she would do in these situations to develop her skills even further.

One of her lecturers during her studies once said “except nothing and question everything” which inspired Aoife to never just accept the first answer and always dig deeper to become a better practitioner and achieve the best for the children in her care.

Her favourite place in the world is Disneyland Paris because it is a magical place where you can leave all your worries behind. No wonder Aoife would love to be Tinkerbell for a day and spread joy and magic as well as being able to fly. If she could be an animal she would be a dolphin as they are playful, fun and love to explore and her superhero name would be Captain Kindness as this is a big aspect of what she values within her practice along with her everyday life.

Gemma Parker

Nursery Administrator

Gemma joined Elmore in November 2021 and has a NVQ Level 3 Qualification in Nursery Nursing.

Gemma loves to spend quality time with her two children and her husband, going for walks, crafting or baking their speciality – rocky road. She describes herself as kind and considerate and says her children inspire her every day.

Her favourite Disney Character is Olaf as he is funny, outgoing and best of all loves all things summer – just like her! The craziest thing Gemma has ever done is going to the top of the empire state building during her honeymoon. For someone who doesn’t like heights it was very frightening!

If she could be an animal she would be a sloth as it would be great to be lazy and sleep all day, something she doesn’t have the chance to do with two children!

Hannah Marrison

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Hannah is Level 3 qualified in Childcare and is close to completing her Level 4 qualification. She has been part of the Elmore team for over 4 years and is now one of our senior practitioners.

In her spare time Hannah likes to go shopping, take her pup Nova out for a walk and spend time with her mum. She says she can’t decide where her favourite place in the world is but her top 3 have to be: her mum and dads caravan in Skegness, Centre Parcs Sherwood Forest and Olu Deniz in Turkey. This is also where she had the best meal she has even eaten. She keeps going back to Turkey for their mashed potatoes on Belcekiz Beach, she has been 5 times and says it’s definitely for the mash.

Hannah loves forming unique and strong relationships with the children in her care. For her there is nothing better than having somebody look happy to see you at 7:30am in the morning. Who can blame her?

She says her superhero name would be something like invisi-girl because she would love to be able to turn invisible, be nosey and would probably scare people to think that she is a ghost. If Hannah could be a Disney character for a day it would be Rapunzel. She would love to have the long blonde hair, be able to have the time to do all the activities she does and fall in love with Flynn Rider.

Chelsie Dempsey

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Chelsie has a Level 3 qualification in childcare. She started a college course in Health & Social Care but decided that working with children is what she really enjoys. Her favourite part of her role is helping the children reach new milestones and making sure they are always having a fun time.

Her favourite place in the world is Devon, she has very found memories of going on holiday there with her family when she was a child and she loves taking her two dogs there to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Chelsie would love to do a sky jump one day to raise money for a good cause. In her spare time she loves to go shopping and also runs a small business creating chocolate bouquets and hampers.

Crystal Williams

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Crystal is currently working towards her Level 3 qualification. She worked in a nursery previously for four years whilst studying and has a 2-year-old son who also attends Elmore nursery. Crystal loves getting creative with the children and joining in with their imaginative role play. She enjoys being a part of their natural play ideas and sharing the fun with them in something that interests them.

Her favourite place in the world is Australia, she spent half her life growing up there and is hoping she will get the chance to re-live the same experience with her little boy when he’s a bit older.

Crystal says what she loves most about her job is how rewarding it is. Seeing children excited to come into a room and explore with her makes it all worthwhile and she feels lucky to be a part of the children’s first few years. She says her best quality is being a people person, she truly believes in treating everyone like equals and loves making new friendships with people and have an effect on their lives.

If Crystal could be an animal she would be a koala because most of their time is spent eating and sleeping and the other half people are wanting to cuddle you. And who doesn’t love a good cuddle?

Sarah Webster

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Sarah has a BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Early Years plus over 15 years’ experience working with children from birth to 11 years old. She says her favourite part of her role is watching the children learn new skills like taking their first steps or saying new words.

She loves to spend her spare time with her three children and her dog exploring local woodlands and watching football. Disneyland Paris is Sarah’s favourite place in the world. She went there when she was 16 years old and would love to go again and show her kids the magical world of Disney.

Sarah’s favourite thing to do with the children is getting cosy and read a story or sing their favourite songs together. Her best quality is her kind nature, she hates seeing someone upset or struggling and will always try her best to ensure everyone is happy and looked after.

If she could be an animal Sarah says she would be a panda as they are big, cuddly and adorable like her. She says her parents are the people who inspire her the most as they have taught her how to be a great parent, work hard and give your family the best in life.