Ecclesfield Nursery

Esther Welsh

Early Years Manager

Esther ran her own very busy childminding business for 12 years and has 3 children of her own. She is Level 3 qualified in childcare along with communication, language and SEN training. She loves reading about new approaches to childcare and past educational pioneers.

In her spare time she enjoys outdoor climbing, abseiling and long walks in the peaks with her children and their dog Ludo. She loves to be anywhere in nature, as it is just so beautiful and peaceful. However she doesn’t do boats as she gets very sea sick! Her favourite animals are highland cows but she is not quite sure if she would want to be one herself!

Esther’s favourite activity with the children is outdoor play. She loves watching the children grow in confidence as they join in with risky play. Her favourite thing about her role is watching the children grow and develop, and she says being part of that process is an amazing feeling.

Her favourite meal is steak and she always has it medium rare/rare as she thinks the fat is the best part – yum! The craziest thing she has ever done is abseiling off a bridge! That’s really impressive!

Jennifer Williams

Deputy Early Years Manager

Jennifer has a Level 3 qualification in childcare and says the best part about her role is that every day is different and she loves to inspire the children she works with.

In her spare time Jennifer loves running and salsa dancing, she is currently training to complete a marathon! Her favourite places in the world that she has been to are Cuba and Barcelona for the culture and the dancing of course!

Jennifer’s favourite activity to do with the children is making play dough, she enjoys watching the children develop their skills by mixing, pouring and tipping in the ingredients. She says her best qualities are being caring and compassionate.

If Jennifer could be an animal she would love to be a dog as they are loved, taken for walks and get food on demand. Definitely not a bad choice!

Aoife O’Regan

Lead Senior Early Years Practitioner

Aoife has a degree in Early Years Education & Care and over 10 years’ experience within the field. She loves being part of the children’s development and watch their personalities grow in front of her. Seeing the children hitting a milestone or achieving a certain skill they couldn’t seem to grasp brings her great joy. Aoife says her best quality is her positivity. She will always remain positive and has a strong can-do attitude.

In her spare time Aoife enjoys going on long walks and reading books. She especially enjoys books by Cathy Glass as she writes about children in care which combines her understanding of children with her enjoyment of reading. Aoife likes to challenge herself with the different scenarios in the stories and question what she would do in these situations to develop her skills even further.

One of her lecturers during her studies once said “except nothing and question everything” which inspired Aoife to never just accept the first answer and always dig deeper to become a better practitioner and achieve the best for the children in her care.

Her favourite place in the world is Disneyland Paris because it is a magical place where you can leave all your worries behind. No wonder Aoife would love to be Tinkerbell for a day and spread joy and magic as well as being able to fly. If she could be an animal she would be a dolphin as they are playful, fun and love to explore and her superhero name would be Captain Kindness as this is a big aspect of what she values within her practice along with her everyday life.

Leanne Tabor

Lead Senior Early Years Practitioner

Leanne has been working in childcare since qualifying at 18 years old so for a very long time, nearly 18 years!! She is currently working on completing her level three SEND to be able to support all families where extra support is needed.

In her spare time Leanne likes to spend time with her family, she enjoys cooking, drawing and going on walks as well as baking cakes for all of her family members. Her favourite meal is old school chicken pasta: chicken, garlic, onion, spinach, thick creamy sauce over pasta covered in parmesan cheese served with garlic bread. Yummy!

Leanne’s favourite activity to do with the children is anything messy or creative as she loves to get messy too! Knowing every day is different and no child is the same as well as having a positive impact on a child and their future is Leanne’s favourite part about her job.

The first CD Leanne has ever owned was the bright orange B*witched album and she used to make up her own dance routines too! Her favourite place in the world is Mexico where she achieved her dream of swimming with dolphins on her honeymoon. If Leanne could be a Disney character for a day she would choose Stitch because he is a little crazy but lovable and knows that Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten which is also her own family motto!

Gemma Parker

Nursery Administrator

Gemma joined Elmore in November 2021 and has a NVQ Level 3 Qualification in Nursery Nursing.

Gemma loves to spend quality time with her two children and her husband, going for walks, crafting or baking their speciality – rocky road. She describes herself as kind and considerate and says her children inspire her every day.

Her favourite Disney Character is Olaf as he is funny, outgoing and best of all loves all things summer – just like her! The craziest thing Gemma has ever done is going to the top of the empire state building during her honeymoon. For someone who doesn’t like heights it was very frightening!

If she could be an animal she would be a sloth as it would be great to be lazy and sleep all day, something she doesn’t have the chance to do with two children!

Hannah Marrison

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Hannah is Level 3 qualified in Childcare and is close to completing her Level 4 qualification. She has been part of the Elmore team for over 4 years and is now one of our senior practitioners.

In her spare time Hannah likes to go shopping, take her pup Nova out for a walk and spend time with her mum. She says she can’t decide where her favourite place in the world is but her top 3 have to be: her mum and dads caravan in Skegness, Centre Parcs Sherwood Forest and Olu Deniz in Turkey. This is also where she had the best meal she has even eaten. She keeps going back to Turkey for their mashed potatoes on Belcekiz Beach, she has been 5 times and says it’s definitely for the mash.

Hannah loves forming unique and strong relationships with the children in her care. For her there is nothing better than having somebody look happy to see you at 7:30am in the morning. Who can blame her?

She says her superhero name would be something like invisi-girl because she would love to be able to turn invisible, be nosey and would probably scare people to think that she is a ghost. If Hannah could be a Disney character for a day it would be Rapunzel. She would love to have the long blonde hair, be able to have the time to do all the activities she does and fall in love with Flynn Rider.

Becky Dexter

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Becky is Level 3 qualified in childcare and has 15 years’ experience working with children. Watching the children develop and learn new skills and being part of helping them reach new milestones is her favourite part of her role.

In her spare time Becky likes to spend time with her family and friends and going for long walks. Her parents are the people who inspire Becky the most as they have made her into the woman she is today.

Becky’s favourite activities to do with the children are craft activities as she loves seeing the children have fun and develop new skills. She says her best qualities are being caring, patient and understanding.

Her favourite place in the world is Greece, she spent a lot of time there as a child on family holidays and also had an amazing time there on her honeymoon. If Becky could be an animal she would be a penguin as so they are so cute and make friends for life.

Victoria Smith

Senior Early Years Practitioner

Victoria has a Level 3 qualification in Nursery Nursing as well as a Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Early Years (full teacher status).

In her spare time Victoria likes to knit, crochet and bake cakes. If she could choose to be a Disney character for a day, Victoria would love to be Pumba from the Lion King as he always looks to have a good time!

Victoria’s favourite activity to do with the children is anything to do with nature as this gives them an understanding of the world. She says her best quality is her patience.

Although she’s seen many places in the world, home has always been Victoria’s favourite place as this is where her family is. She says her superhero name would be ‘Super Gran’ as she has already got nine grandchildren as well as the white hair!