cheshire cats

Cheshire Cats

under 1 years

The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) sets out learning and development stages for children as they grow from birth to five years.  In our Cheshire Cats room, our staff focus on delivering learning provision across 7 areas of learning and development that meets the needs of your child, which can include some of these activities:

  • Learning Area 1: Physical Development

    • Put me on my tummy or back, on a soft mat or blanket, and let me kick my legs.
    • Cover my legs with a crinkly blanket or piece of light, soft material so I can kick it off.
    • Put my favourite toys by me so that I can reach out and touch it or try to hold it.
    • Stroke my cheeks or pat my back as you talk to me.
  • Learning Area 2: Personal, Social & Emotional Development

    • Let me copy the movements you make with your face, like when you open and close your mouth or open and shut your eyes.
    • Give me one of my favourite toys, the packet of wipes or a clean nappy to hold when you’re changing me.
    • Tickle my feet.
    • Let me see you face and hear your voice when I am grumpy tired or hungry.
  • Learning Area 3: Communication & Language

    • Play “peek a boo” games with me. Use your hands or a scarf to hide your face.
    • Sing a song or rhyme as you rock or hug me.
    • Tell me what you’re doing as you’re changing my nappy or getting me dressed.
    • Have a chat with me by copying my sounds and babbling.
  • Learning Area 4: Literacy

    • Share board books or cloth books with me.
  • Learning Area 5: Mathematics

    • Hold my hands and help me to clap in time as you sing songs to me.
    • I need to play with things and find out what I can do with my hands, feet and body. Let me have my favourite things around me.
  • Learning Area 6: Expressive Arts & Design

    • I need to explore lots of different things to find out what I can do with them.
    • Let me make a mess.
    • I need to hear words and learn to use them. Speak with me.
  • Learning Area 7: Understanding The World

    • I need to develop relationships with grown ups. Introduce me to lots of different people.
    • Let me hold your finger or scarf.
    • Let me play with toys that make different noises.
    • Let me look in mirrors