Julie Gascoigne

Early Years Manager

Julie is our Mary Poppins of Frecheville Nursery, bringing her own brand of imagination and enthusiasm with just a sprinkle of magic! Having gained her NVQ Level 3 she has moved on to working towards her Level 5 in Management and Leadership and has also been working on gaining a SENCo qualification. A subject that is very close to her heart and she has gained invaluable experience from caring for her own children who have varying additional care needs. Which is also she is our Lead SENCo Co-ordinator working across all four nurseries.

Julie’s mission is to make the nursery as inclusive as possible, providing help and support for all the children by creating a stimulating environment that promotes confidence and encourages individuality. She works closely with the Early Years Framework to ensure that the nursery’s activities are tailored to each child’s requirements and are implemented in such a way that they will get the best out of every situation and continue to thrive. She can even pop in and out of chalk drawings on a good day!

Julie’s best qualities are her calm, professional and patient approach to life and her work, although she does have a wilder side, having braved the dizzying heights of the London Eye, in order to show her children, the people she admires most in world, that there was nothing to be afraid of despite having a fear of heights herself! I guess we won’t be seeing you dancing across the rooftops with Dick Van Dyke any time soon Julie?!

Frecheville Nursery

Amy Chisel

Deputy Early Years Manager

Amy, the second half of our Frecheville dream team, also has an NVQ Level 3 in childcare and SENCo qualification and loves to take the lead in organising, assessing and planning activities for all the children within the nursery. Perhaps this explains why, her animal of choice would be the Lion. Living at the top of the food chain, Lions have immense control over their environment and a fierce sense of pride, just like Amy’s pride as she sees our children progressing and blossoming within the nursery environment.

She brings amazing creativity to her role, running educational, ‘eggs-periments,’ with the children, like the time they placed eggs into different liquids, for example vinegar, to observe the changes it made to their structures. Chemistry, physics and fun, all rolled into one, how eggciting! When she’s not working with the children, she loves spending time with her family, going for long walks and introducing her little boy to nature.

With all this going on I think it’s safe to say that this busy working mum is a great multi-tasker with a strong work ethic and a million different ideas on how to keep our nursery children engaged and entertained. It could also be the reason why she fancies being Sleeping Beauty for the day, so she can finally have a kip and get some rest!