Frecheville Nursery

Emma Parkin

Early Years Manager

Emma has worked for Elmore Kindergarten for nearly 10 years. In this time she has worked hard to gain her position as an Early Years Manager, and also to complete her Early Years Foundation Degree!

When Emma is not out walking with her brother’s dog, Bettie, you will find her curled up at home with her 2 cats, no doubt dreaming of being Lilo, best friend of Stitch. Emma says that stitch would be an awesome friend to have and they could listen to Elvis Presley together all day.

A few years ago Emma did some amazing work helping out at an orphanage in India for 2 weeks. She says although she really enjoyed it, it was quite scary living next to the slums. As well as travelling, Emma likes to try different food. She once won a raffle prize of a 6 course meal, which included pigeon….Yummy!

In the nursery Emma loves to listen to the children chatting to each other, hearing what it is they have learnt. She likes to see children leading activities and allowing them to develop their own interests.

Her biggest inspiration is her younger brother who is autistic. He has overcome many obstacles and has just started a music course at Sheffield College.

He often sings in clubs and is working hard towards his dream……maybe Emma could get up a sing a little bit of Elvis Presley with him!