Frecheville Visits Brackenfield Hall

Earlier this year, our Frecheville Nursery children, braved the elements to visit their local Residential Care Home, Brackenfield Hall and took their fun and laughter with them as they chatted with the older folks who lived there. Our Wise Owls and Busy Bees, took some delicious looking Valentine cookies along to give to the residents along with a stunning poster with a huge heart made up of their handprints in different shades of pink and red.

There were definitely more than a few big smiles as the children sang for the ladies and gentlemen of Brackenfield, recited nursery rhymes and presented them with drawings they had made themselves. We could tell that everyone who participated, enjoyed the visit and had a lovely time chatting and passing the time of day with the residents.

As the Channel 4 documentary, ‘Old People’s Home for Four Year Old’s’ showed, allowing young children to visit older people can have a beneficial effect on both age groups. Recent surveys have shown that up to 75% of older people in UK feel lonely and in Channel 4s experiment recorded evidence of both physical and mental progress throughout the duration of the trial. The children also benefitted, learning better social skills and improving their abilities to show empathy and compassion.

Our nursery children certainly felt the benefits of getting out in the local community and making new friends, plus, they had the added bonus of returning to nursery for a big plate of warm Shepherd’s pie! Yum! Here’s to many more such visits.